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  • Stretchy, Soft, Comfortable, Tough!

  • Only soft string trimmer shoulder pad on the market.

  • Only suspension string trimmer strap on the market.

  • Greatly reduces physical stress/removes  the  agony and vibrating
    hands of weedeating.

  • Allows  you  to weedeat faster,  by  providing  full mobility.

  • Actually makes string trimming fun.

  • Fits all models of string trimmers & blowers.

  • Ends painful blower use; of shoulder and arm.

  • Quick disconnect, and easy use.

  • Smooth   shock  absorption as you walk, eliminating the uncomfortable  
    jerk and burn on  your  shoulders.

  • Fully adjustable; one size fits all.

  • Great for DIY  homeowners  and  professionals!

  • Most of all, this is the most ergonomic solution ever invented to ease
    your landscaping  pain. We guarantee it!
Features and Benefits
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Its been 40 years  since  the  string  trimmer  was  invented,  one  of the
coolest inventions ever made.  They  forgot  one important thing though;
its heavy and its awkward. The  conventional  string trimmer  strap,  only  
ties you  to  that vibration and pain while restricting your movements.

Everywhere  the  trimmer  head   moves,  your  shoulder  must  move  in
equal proportion. The operator must take countless  baby- steps to  trim   
around   objects.  Well   that  doesn't  help  at  all.  Nearly  four decades  
later, someone finally created a combo, string trimmer strap and  
strap   suspension;   that   provides  constant  support while providing a
full range of motion;The Trimmer Assist.
Seems like common sense now
Don't you think?

Meet the World’s Only Pain Relievin Trimmer Assist; string trimmer strap  
and    suspension.   With   the  Trimmer  Assist,  the  string   trimmer  or  
blower seems to float in your hands as the bungee suspension handles
the weight with  4  strands of bungee shock -  absorbing   recoil   action.   
Upon your shoulder, is the  worlds  most  comfortable  quilted  shoulder
pad  (tough denim with foam  cushion). And  this amazing technological
revolution   of   the   Trimmer Assist  bungee suspension... weights only
5 ounces.
Trimmer Assist; String Trimmer Strap, Weedeater Strap

Echo, Husqvarna, Tananka, Homelite, Black & Decker, John Deere, Poulan, Mcculloch, Toro Weed Wacker, Bolens, Ryan, Troy Built, Cub Cadet, Shindaiwa, Feather Lite, Kawasaki, Ryobi, Green Machine, Stihl and all
gas string trimmers.

NLKUSLLC; Trimmer Assist is Patent Pending
String Trimmer Strap
"Trimmer Assist makes lawn care less

"the world's only bungee re-bounce
universal string trimmer strap system.";        
- Trimmer Assist aquires Global Distribution through Rotary Corp! Now
available to 63 countries!

- Trimmer Assist available in Home Depot,  and Southerlands Lumber   
Home Improvement chain stores and participating Four Seasons!

- Available on HSN!

- Available at walmart.com and sears.com!

- We just finished a great
National Hardware Show, in Las Vegas!
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Trimmer Assist
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String Trimmer Strap & Blower Strap Suspension System;
Worlds Only Pain Relieving Trimmer Assist
Trimmer Assist
"This product is truly genius;  its so
simple, yet so awesome that once
you try this wonderful device, you
could never go back to lugging your
string trimmer around ever again"

string trimmer strap
weedeater strap system
strap for string trimmer, strap for line trimmer
String Trimmer Strap
weedeater straps
string trimmer strap; weedeater strap
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String Trimmer Strap by Trimmer Assist
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Trimmer Assist used as weedeater strap.
Recent Online Reviews;
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"If you need a string trimmer strap to help you hold your weed wacker and keep your arms and hands from getting fatigued and hurting, then this is without a doubt the pice of equipment you have
been searching for. Others do the job but this one takes it a step farther in making things comfortable. Its the bungee cord thats the key to it all. Its hard to believe how much of a difference it makes
but it does. I use one with a Poulan Pro gas trimmer which ispretty heavy. Especially after you pack it around swinging it for an hour. But since I got the Trimmer Assist suspension system my Poulan
Pro feels like it weighs 2 pounds. Its amazing!!! Hook it up to that bungee cord and something magical happens. No pressure on your shoulder anymore. Trimmer feels almost weightless as it bobs
up and down on that bungee cord. All you have to do is point it in the direction you want to go with it. This is one item that is without a doubt worth every penny it costs plus some. Forget the rest of
these devices and get this one. I just saved you hours of reading and comparing. You are very welcome. Seriously though, this thing works great!!! Best you will find. Seems to be made well enough
too. I recommend it highly."
"Oh boy, did I need this! My arm used to kill me after trimming the lawn. It would actually shake when I tried to use it after having spent a half hour holding my heavy trimmer. So much of the strain
has been removed by using the Trimmer Assist. The padded string trimmer strap shoulder pad is a very nice feature and its easy to take on and off. I'd highly recommend this to others."
Check out the Trimmer Assist SOFT QUILTED SHOULDER PAD!
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